(By Estelle Yau, 13/12/21)

The United Nations climate summit, COP26 in Glasgow, recently ended after two weeks of negotiations by world leaders. The health community came together to send a message to national leaders and delegations, setting out that climate change is a public health emergency and a health threat…

(By Emmanuella Nzeribe, 13/12/21)

The name malaria comes from mal’aria, which is Italian for “bad air.” Before the development of germ theory in the late 1800s, many people thought the disease was transmitted via miasmas or contaminated air. In 1897, a British physician Ronald Ross made discovered that mosquitoes were…

By Estelle Yau (published 11/10/21)

October is breast cancer awareness month, a global campaign intended to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for breast cancer research. The aim is to educate people about methods of prevention to reduce their risks and to support early detection and treatment.



The Young Pharmacists Group of FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation)

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