By Omolayo Awolola (published 11/10/21)

Thank you Sarah for joining us in this interview.

You played an important role as a pharmacist with the Ministry of Health in New Zealand, can you tell us about it?

I worked at the Ministry of Health New Zealand for three years across two…

World Diabetes Day

By Joshua Boms (published 11/10/21)

Thank you, Pharm. Margaret Wonah for joining us for this interview. We are very curious to know you and your background.

Margaret: My name is Margaret Wonah. I am from Nigeria. I graduated from the University of Port Harcourt in 2018 where I obtained my…

By Estelle Yau (published 11/10/21)

October is breast cancer awareness month, a global campaign intended to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for breast cancer research. The aim is to educate people about methods of prevention to reduce their risks and to support early detection and treatment.


By Nzeribe Emmanuella (11/10/21)

For the longest time, there has been a war between humans and superbugs. The rapid emergence of resistance of the microorganisms especially bacteria towards antimicrobial agents has endangered the efficacy of already existing antimicrobials. Many decades ago, after antibiotics have been given for bacterial infections, Infections…

How Pharmacists Can Support Patients with Mental Illness

By Dwi Prasetyaning Rahmawati (published 11/10/21)

This article is part of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Young Pharmacists Group publication for World Mental Health Day 2021.

Mental Health in an unequal world

Every 10th of October, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. It was first started in 1992…

What is a human relationship without an element of trust? Trust is an essential part of human relationships and cannot be overemphasized in all forms of our daily relationships. In the relationship between a pharmacist and a patient, trust is a necessity in ensuring optimum healthcare delivery. …

The last days were marked by two events about the early career initiatives around the world: The webinar and the report on the role of Early Career Pharmaceutical Groups (ECPG) in Global Health.

This project started in 2020, together with the officialization of the pursue of FIP YPG in developing…

By Boms Joshua (11/8/21)

The present era is characterized by the vibrant and rapid evolution of communication technologies. Communication has transcended from the more traditional method where phone calls, messages, and emails once predominated to a new pattern of communication now facilitated by tweets, likes, status posts on media platforms…

By Osei Yaw Gabriel (11/8/21)

World hepatitis day is observed every year to raise awareness of viral hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver that causes severe liver disease and hepatocellular cancer. The World Health Organization theme for this years’ hepatitis day is “Hepatitis can’t wait”. Averagely a person dies every…

Interview from 2 mentors and 1 mentee

Mentorship is an important tool as one goes up the ladder in the career path chosen. One of the advantages is that it helps one to avoid some avoidable mistakes by learning from those who are experienced in the chosen field.



The Young Pharmacists Group of FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation)

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